Product name: OATES Marine Scrub - Synthetic Bristles

- Superior heavy duty bristles for aggressive scrubbing, ideal for all outdoor areas including decking

- Fits 25mm handle with 22mm threaded adaptor

- Model #B-12402

Product name: OATES Superior Indoor Broom

Material: Polyprop/pvc fril

Size: 290x68mm, Code: #B-10402

Product name: OATES Shoe Brush

Material: Wood/polyproplene

Size: W40xD109xH35mmm Code: #B-12602

Product name: OATES CleanSweep Carpet Sweeper

- Ideal for most carpet types with a triple brush action for a thorough clean

- Folds for easy storage and cleaning under low objects

- No electricity required

- Model #BS-MODEL2000

Product name: OATES Antibacterial Mop Refill

200grm, Code: #MH-AB-MED
300grm, Code: #MH-AB-LG
400grm, Code: #MH-AB-XL

Product name: OATES Corn Millet Blend Whisk

- Natural fibres collect fine dirt and dust

- Light and easy, ideal for all small cleaning jobs

- Model #B-17011

Product name: OATES Designer Nail Brush Coloured

- Short stiff bristles to remove touch grime

- Long flex bristles to remove excess debris

- Availaable in colour coded range to help reduce the risk of cross contamination between different area

Product name: OATES Floor Squeegee with Aluminium Back

Blade 450mm, Code: #B-13111
Blade 600mm, Code: #B-13112