Product name: OATES General Scrub

- Oates General Scrub #BM-101

- Stiff, durable bristles ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Product name: OATES Window Cleaner with Extension Handle

Size: 200mm, Code: #B-60109FP

Product name: OATES "S" Shaped Scrub - Synthetic Bristles

- Stiff, durable bristles remove tough grime

- S-shaped head for greater comfort

- Model #B-12410

Product name: OATES Plastic Domestic Lobby Dustpan Set

Size: W920xD290xH500mm, Code: #B-11120

Product name: OATES Brush Adaptor Australian Thread

- Threaded adaptor screws into 22mm ferrule / socket broom head. For use with all 25mm handles

- Available in colour coded range to avoid cross contamination between work areas

- Code: #B-12147B/G/R/Y/W

Product name: OATES Plastic Wet Floor Sign

Size: W300xD280xH625mm

Product name: OATES Disposable Cloth

Packing: 20/pkt, Size: 600mm, Code: #MF-017

Remark: For use with Code: #MF-012

Product name: OATES Marine Scrub - Union Fibre Bristles

- Stiff, durable bristles remove tough grime, ideal for scrubbing large areas, pool side, patios and driveways

- Fits 25mm handle with 22mm threaded adaptor

- Model #B-12403