Product name: VIKAN Yard Broom

- Material: Piasava

310x75mm, code: #2117H
470x65mm, code: #2120H

Product name: VIKAN Hand Scrubbing Brush

- Material: Wood/union

- Size: 40x170x55mm, code: #3514

Product name: VIKAN Floor Squeegee Black

- Material: Black polypropylene with black cellular rubber

- Function: Removes water and oil effectively.

- Size:
400mm, code #708849
600mm, code #708869

Product name: VIKAN Utility Brush with Handle

- Material: Polyprop/natural fibre

- Size: 35x48x260mm, code: #3040

Product name: VIKAN Boot Cleaner

- Heavy duty boot cleaner with a galvanised iron steel grating for a strong and sturdy design

- Triple-action cleaning PVC bristles ensures dirt and grime gets cleared in a fast and effective manner

- Model #0810

Product name: VIKAN Waterfed Brush with Rubber Strip

- Material: Polyester, Soft

- Size: 270mm / 370mm

- Code #475552 / #475752

Product name: VIKAN Metal Dustpan

- Size: H145xW240xD374mm, code: #5585

Product name: VIKAN Scrubbing Brush Threaded

- Material: Wood/union

- Size: 300X50mm, Code: #3654