Product name: VIKAN Banister Brush with Handle

- Material: Wood/natural fibre

- Size: 32x290mm, Code: #4590

Product name: VIKAN Angle Pivot Device

- Innovative angled pivot design allows for various brushing positions for hard to reach angles and difficult corners

- Positioning the brush at the correct angle also results in optimum contact with the cleaning area to ensure effective cleaning and prevent uneven wear and tear of bristles

- Model #21120-9

Product name: VIKAN Waterfed Hand Brush

- Material: Polyester, Soft

- Size: 360mm

- Code #525452

Product name: VIKAN Nail Brush Nylon

- Size: H50xW95xD35mm, Code: #6432

Product name: VIKAN Tar Brush with Socket

- Material: Wood/natural fibre

- Size: 220x58mm, Code: #4810

Product name: VIKAN Toilet Brush with Holder

- Material: Polyproplene

- Size: 380mm, Code: #5048

Product name: VIKAN Yard Broom

- Material: Piasava

310x75mm, code: #2117H
470x65mm, code: #2120H

Product name: VIKAN Hand Scrubbing Brush

- Material: Wood/union

- Size: 40x170x55mm, code: #3514