Product name: VIKAN Sweeping Broom Threaded

- Material: Wood/fibre

- Size:
400x51mm, code: #3177-S - Stiff
600x51mm, code: #3197-S - Stiff

- Material: Wood/natural fibre

600x51mm, code: #3192-S - Medium
300x51mm, code: #3162-S - Medium

Product name: VIKAN Dish Brush with Handle

- Material: Polyprop/natural fibres

- Size: 228mm, code: #4290

Product name: VIKAN Waterfed Vehicle Brush

- Material: Polyester, Soft

- Size: 250mm

- Code #526852

Product name: VIKAN Scrubbing Brush Threaded

- Material: Polyprop

- Size: 270x42mm, code: #3660

Product name: VIKAN Banister Brush with Handle

- Material: Wood/arenga

- Size: 32x290mm, code: #4594

Product name: VIKAN Single Blade Squeegee

- Ultra hygienic squeegee makes this an ideal component for your food safety solution. Made of high-quality reinforced polypropylene that is able to withstand temprature of up to 121 degrees centigrade

- Colour coded range to help reduce risk of cross contamination between work areas

- Available in 500mm / 600mm / 700mm

Product name: VIKAN Shoe Brush with Handle

- Material: Plastic/PVC

- Size: 190x30mm, code: #4420

Product name: VIKAN Nail Brush Nylon

- Size: H35xW45xD118mm, code: #64405